Kreative greier

Day 21 – Something you want

I was able to borrow a cello from the local «music and cultur» school, but eventually I had to return it. Then I got really happy when a cellist in the orchestra said he had an extra cello he could lend me a while, and I started playing cello in «Biørneblæs» instead of violin or trumpet. It was really fun to learn how to play a new instrument and actually play with other people, but then, of course, I had to return that one as well..

If I really want something, I usually just see if I can afford it, and take some time determining if it’s worth using the money on. But a cello is a big instrument, and it costs a lot, especially if you want a cello that’s not crappy. I feel it’s not that unlike investing in a violin. You could buy a cheap one, but as you learn to play and get better at playing, the instrument will just be a pain if it’s not a good instrument..

.. So a cello is just something I’ve wanted for a while, but not actively – just in the back of my mind.. Someday I might have the money to «invest» in one 🙂


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