Drawing: Jesse Spencer as Lieutenant Casey

Well, since the last drawing went quite well, I figured I could draw more! Continuing with the actors with the name «Jesse» and Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire, I began drawing Jesse Spencer, who plays Lieutenant Matthew Casey in Chicago Fire.


I’ve added the drawing in a medium size here, just because I feel like it looks better when you can see the whole face at once, or in real life: look at it from a bit of a distance. It usually is that way with art, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s better to take a step back than to watch the drawing/painting/picture up close.. If you’d like to see the full image, just click on the drawing!


Drawing: Jesse Lee Soffer

Jesse Lee Soffer is the actor who plays Detective Halstead in Chicago P.D, and while I was re-watching the first season I figured I could start drawing now that it’s summer, since I never feel like I have the time to draw when I’m studying. I usually only draw animals and plants since I always seem to find it easier, but sometimes I try drawing people. Most of the time I fail and they do not look like the person I’m trying to draw at all, but if I must say so myself, this doesn’t look that bad.

Here’s the result:

You can compare it yourself. The picture I used as a reference is the one on his IMDB-page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0497522/

PS: For de som lurer på hvorfor jeg plustelig skriver på engelsk – det bare føltes mest naturlig akkurat nå (les: jeg har sett for mye på TV)