"You said what?"

«You said what» – Part 9


Et par til som ikke fikk plass:

– Ja, åpenbart et ekspertvitne her:

«Attorney: You claim to have expertise in physics. Please tell us what Newton’s first law is.
Plaintiff’s expert witness: (Pause) Well, I don’t believe I remember that.
Attorney: Who was Newton?
Witness: I believe he is the guy who came up with the first law» – Testimony during a court case

– Vel, jeg har på følelsen av at det mangler et komma her:

«Highlights of his global tour include encounters with Nelson Mandela, a 800-year-old demigod and a dildo collector» – in a Times of London story about a documentary

"You said what?"

«You said what?» – Part 3



  • «Sheep, 5 used. $40 each.» – ad (should have said «ewes»)
  • «At next Wednesday’s children’s party it is expected that in two hours 300 children will consume 1,800 sandwiches and 900 fancy cakes, gallons of milk and tea, punds of butter and a fishfryer, a plumber, a schoolmaster and a railway inspector.» – Yorkshire (UK) Gazette.
  • «Jason Kidd is 38, but he plays like someone in his 30s.» – basketball announcer
  • «I liked seeing where Michelangelo painted Mona Lisa.» – Jersey Shore cast member
"You said what?"

«You said what?» – Part 2


Noen flere jeg ikke fikk plass til:

  • «The grey voice of the grey Seaforth glided greyly on to their ears, like a tide of putrescent grey molasses.» – from The Room with the Broken Floor, by Pel Torro (1962)
  • «Screw ice bar» – Korean frozen dessert.